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Loewenstein writes for Middle East newspaper The National on realities in Gaza (08/09)
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Loewenstein writes for Mondoweiss on the 2009 Salute to Israel march in New York (06/09)
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Loewenstein and Peter Slezak write in ABC Unleashed on the Gaza onslaught (12/08)
Tim Blair attacks Loewenstein in Sydney’s Daily Telegraph (11/08)
Loewenstein speech at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government on Israel/Palestine (11/08)
Loewenstein and Peter Slezak write in the Age on the importance of Jewish dissent (03/08)
Loewenstein writes in Haaretz on Australia’s apology to the Stolen Generations and its relevance to Israel (02/08)
Loewenstein writes in the Guardian on the one year anniversary of Independent Australian Jewish Voices (02/08)
Loewenstein writes for Rootless Cosmopolitan on, “Equality, Not Zionism, Will Save Israel” (06/07)
Mondoweiss interviews Loewenstein on Jews, Israel and Zionism (04/07)


Interview with Palestinian writer Dr Ghada Karmi and Loewenstein on Radio Adelaide (5/10/07)
Self-hate or glasnost? (New Matilda, 18/9/07)
Talk at Socialist Worker public meeting, Sydney (15/8/07)
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Flashpoints radio interview (Pacifica Radio, California, 28/3/07)
Loewenstein condemned in Federal Parliament (28/3/07)
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New bid for ‘open debate’ on Israel (The Age, 7/2/07) + response (8/2/07)
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Book tour hits South Australia (24/10/06)
Launch of the 3rd reprint (23/10/06)
West Australian book launch (11/10/06)
FBI radio interview with Loewenstein (30/9/06)
Audio: [audio:]
Australian Jewish News on Brisbane Writer’s Festival and denial – Loewenstein (22/9/06)
Brisbane Writer’s Festival discussion paper – Loewenstein (16/9/06)
Gleebooks event with Stuart Rees, Ahmad Shboul, Elisabeth Wynhausen & Loewenstein (7/9/06)

Audio: [audio:]
International Socialist Organisation interview with Loewenstein
ABC Radio interview between John Safran, Father Bob and Loewenstein (Triple J, 3/9/06)
Audio: [audio:]
Melbourne Age discusses Melbourne Writer’s Festival and My Israel Question (here and here, 2/9/06)
My Israel Question extract, Chapter 3 (PDF)
ABC Radio Melbourne debate between Loewenstein and Federal Labor MP Michael Danby (29/8/06)
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Sydney University newspaper Honi Soit interview with Loewenstein (08/06) Pages 8-9
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Former Australian ambassador Ross Burns discusses Israel and Loewenstein (22/8/06)

Melbourne Age profiles Loewenstein
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Macquarie University launch speech – Loewenstein (18/8/06)

Jewish and family response to Loewenstein in the Australian Jewish News (18/8/06)
Philip Mendes on Zionism, Israel and Loewenstein (New Matilda, 16/8/06)
Questioning Israel – Loewenstein (New Matilda, 16/8/06)
MUP head Louise Adler discusses publishing and My Israel Question (ABC Triple J, 13/8/06)
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MUP defends My Israel Question against Zionist attacks (10/8/06) + more attacks (11/8/06)
Sydney launch speech – David Marr (here) (8/8/06) + comment on launch (10/8/06)
Sydney launch speech – Loewenstein (here) (8/8/06) + video
ABC Radio interview (Ian Rogerson) with Loewenstein (7/8/06)

Audio: [audio:]
SBS World View radio interview with Loewenstein
and Zionist Response (11/08/06) : Dr. Daniel Mandel
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2UE radio interview with Loewenstein (2/8/06)
Audio: [audio:]
ABC Radio interview (Conversations) with Loewenstein (info here) (31/7/06)
Audio: [audio: _310706.mp3]
Sky News interview with Loewenstein (31/7/06)
Sky2 019_0001.jpg
Video: Broadband | Dial-up
The truth about the pro-Israel lobby’s influence – Loewenstein (Crikey, 31/7/06) – and Zionist response (1/8/06) plus further response (2/8/06)
Daily Telegraph interviews Loewenstein on Mel Gibson’s anti-Semitism (31/7/06)
Sydney Morning Herald profiles Loewenstein (29/7/06) – and response (2/8/06)
Australian Jewish News discusses My Israel Question (28/7/06)
Former Australian Deputy Prime Minister Tim Fischer discusses My Israel Question (ABC Radio Melbourne, 27/7/06)
Audio: [audio: Australian Deputy Prime Minister Tim Fischer discusses My Israel Question.mp3]
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Canberra Times opinion piece about My Israel Question (23/7/06)
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Sky News Interview with Loewenstein (22/7/06)
Video: Broadband | Dial-Up
ABC 702 Sydney radio discussion on the Middle East crisis with Loewenstein (21/7/06)
The Australian editorialises on Israel and Loewenstein (21/7/06)
ABC TV Lateline features interview between AIJAC’s Ted Lapkin and Loewenstein (19/7/06)
Lateline_Antony_Vs_Lapkin_Broadband 056_0001.jpg
Video: Broadband | Dial-Up
ABC TV Lateline discusses the Zionist lobby and My Israel Question (19/7/06)
Deadly double standards sow terror – Loewenstein (The Australian, 18/7/06)
What’s Israel’s real agenda? – Loewenstein (Crikey, 17/7/06)
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