Third Edition of the Bestseller

My Israel Question

I can think of few books about Israel and Palestine, written by an Australian, as important as Antony Loewenstein’s brave j’accuse. In challenging the propagandists to give up their addiction, he is a truth-teller bar none. –Journalist and author John Pilger
It’s a deeply held plea for balance in what has proved to be the most intractable conflict of our time, a breath of fresh, compassionate air in a debate riven by hatred, propaganda and hypocrisy…My Israel Question is a beacon for progressive thinkers. Its very existence is testament to hope. It deserves a wide readership. –Australian newspaper The Sunday Telegraph
What most Australians should do is go out and buy the book and read it, so they can hear both sides of the debate about how Israel treats the Palestinians. –John Mearsheimer, Senior Professor of Politics, University of Chicago and co-author of The Israel Lobby